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Medical Transcription Services

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Medical Transcription

We provide a team of highly trained and professional medical transcriptionists who understand the importance of accurate documentation and can flag potential errors for your review.

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Virtual Scribe

Virtual scribe services take traditional medical transcription services to a whole new level.  Let us show you how we can provide customizable world class documentation and support.

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Integrating with Your EHR

We work flawlessly with whatever EHR your practice uses.  We realize that most practices need many different ways to enter data.  We are one of a few medical transcription companies who can create cost effective, custom solutions.

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Document Management

We also provide reliable back office clerical and medical data entry support to improve the efficiency of your practice. As a leading medical transcription company, we have successfully saved practices time and money for over 20 years.

Product and Service Designed by Experience

When you partner with DataMatrix Medical for your medical transcription services, you will be working with a medical transcription company with over 20 years of experience dedicated to helping doctors do their job more efficiently. Our professional medical transcriptionists are highly trained to spot potential errors and ensure that your patient’s medical data ends up in the correct part of their chart.


Our accuracy, speed, and efficiency are unmatched.


Using data and wide means of collection methods to better service our clients.


Continuous program developments to increase efficiency.


A best-in-class medical transcription company who has provided outstanding customer service for over 20 years.

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Transcription Services That Save You Time and Money

  • Your practitioners can dictate from anywhere at anytime using one of our convenient  methods of dictating   We even have apps that integrate with your EHR thereby making  life easier and track your dictations
  • Our Medical Transcription Services / EHR data entry solutions are customizable and flexible to ensure an easy fit into your existing practice workflow.
  • You only pay for the work that is done. No contracts to negotiate, ever.
  • Work with a dedicated and professional team of medical transcriptionists/medical scribes who are familiar with your medical specialty and how you dictate.
  • We provide excellent customer support.
  • Our services are HIPAA compliant. We take the security of your data very seriously.

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "DataMatrix Medical gave our practice the most precious commodity: more time. Thanks to their dedicated team and unparalleled customer service, the doctor spends more time with patients than with paperwork."

    Sue B.
    Sue B. Practice Administrator, Colon & Rectal Surgical Practice
  • "We have been working with DataMatrix Medical for over 8 years, and their best attribute—in addition to their price – is that their work is consistently accurate."

    Andrea Practice Administrator, Neurosurgical Practice

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We Work with Your EHR system

DataMatrix Medical’s services integrate seamlessly with your EHR system. Contrary to popular belief, integrating with your EHR is surprisingly simple and cost-effective.

Most medical transcription companies charge for EHR integration, but DataMatrix Medical will not charge for integrating with your EHR. Where needed, we can create customer secure integrations with your EHR. This gives you the ability to customize how our medical transcription services work within your system.

Whether you decide to simply upload our reports into the EHR, or prefer that we enter the data into the appropriate fields within the EHR, we can easily work within your existing electronic health records system.

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