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Decades ago, medical facilities relied upon written copy to store and keep patient health records. Currently, we have medical transcription services that not only make health record storage and maintenance an effective function within an orthopedic practice but also improve accuracy. Transcription service providers are caught between human transcription and voice recognition software.

This post provides an in-depth description of understanding medical transcription, orthopedic transcription, HIPAA Compliance and the process of buying HIPAA compliant medical transcription services.

What Exactly Does A Medical Transcription Service Provide?

Medical transcription entails listening to audio files recorded by health practitioners to then transcribe the data into a digital record and flag potential errors. Transcription services play a significant role in saving time for orthopedic medical professionals to focus more on providing the much-needed health care to patients.

Importance of Medical Transcription Services in An Orthopedic Practice
Transcription is essential in orthopedic institutions because of the following:

  • Facilitates fast processing of accurate medical reports and facts
  • Makes information easily accessible
  • Frees up doctors and other staff in the healthcare facility to resume practice-specific duties
  • Cost-effective because of the drastic savings in the orthopedic practice staff’s time
  • Facilitates speedy processing of claims

Medical transcription finds application in reporting and discharge summaries. It is also used in preparing emergency room reports, chart notes, X-ray reports and operative reports.

Orthopedic Medical Transcription

Medical transcription is essential for any orthopedic facility. The transcription should be not only accurate but also timely. Since the services are critical to the physicians, the medical facility, insurance companies, and patients, buying them is not a walk in the park, so-to-speak.

In most cases, there are three ways to get transcription services, namely:

  • In-house transcription
  • Outsourcing transcription
  • Voice recognition and transcription software

Regardless of whether they are employed in-house or by third parties, trained transcriptionists play a significant role in saving physicians a lot of time by undertaking their writing and editing. They write physicians charts, communication, and personal notes.

Outsourced transcription services come with layers of quality control and have proven to be the most effective from a business standpoint. They focus more on the quality of transcription services offered ensuring all mistakes are eliminated or minimized before sending the documents back for signing. They in general charge a fee based on the number of transcribed lines. It reduces workload of documentation on an orthopedics’ facility.

Recently, many providers erroneously believe that affordable Voice Recognition Software can replace Medical Transcription. Voice Recognition Software transferred the entire burden of documentation to providers leading to huge loss in productivity. Orthopedic facilities need to choose among the three. Regardless of what you prefer, it must satisfy the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in as far as sensitive patient data protection.

HIPAA and Medical Transcriptions

HIPAA compliance aims at protecting sensitive information on individual’s health and at the same time allow facilities to embrace new technologies that improve patient care services regarding quality and efficiency.

Since orthopedic transcription services deal with patient data, it goes without saying that it must meet the required HIPAA standards in as far as PHI protection is concerned.

Medical Transcription Services: Factors to Consider

Once you choose a suitable mode of transcription service providers but don’t want to have them working in-house, you will buy from third-party providers. The transcription company you hire must provide cutting-edge transcription services at reasonable rates. Here are some of the factors you will consider before choosing the company.

Turnaround Time

Most medical transcription service providers set 24 hours as the standard time of submitting documents. However, your orthopedic facility can prioritize documentations that are urgently needed for a fee. It is wise to select a company with 24-hour turnaround time to make sure there is uniform workflow between the health facility and the transcription.

Quality Assurance Oversight

High-quality transcription services have between three and four layers of quality assurance. This makes sure each of the four stages (individuals) goes through the transcribed document before being submitted for signature.

The stages ensure errors are corrected long before they land on the physician’s desk for approval and signing. Some transcription providers have one or two layers. Therefore, before rushing into an agreement, you may want to get full disclosure of such vital steps in the transcription world lest you put your facility at risk of inaccurate information.

Familiarity and Backup Coverage

Quality transcription companies will offer familiarity with your Orthopedic practice and backup coverage with experience medical transcriptionists. DataMatrix Medical assigns a team of 3 transcriptionists to each doctor within an Orthopedic practice. Our specialists are assigned this way to become familiar with that specific Doctor’s dictation style and speed. This specific setup ensures the medical data is entered into the correct sections of patient records, and if one or two transcriptionists are out of the office due to illness or are taking time off of work for any reason, there is never a gap in the medical transcriptionists coverage of the Doctor’s transcription needs at the Orthopedic practice.

Experience in Orthopedics

The documents you require transcribed vary from those of other specialties. Check to ensure you are outsourcing from a company that has experience in orthopedics by relying on referrals and their track record.

Experience in Orthopedic EHR Entry

Having quality medical transcription services isn’t enough when it comes to your specific practice. DataMatrix Medical understands the need to have a medical transcription company who also is familiar plus the experience in working with Orthopedic EHR systems. DataMatrix Medical has experience with EHR entry and systems specifically used by Orthopedic practices and is in-tune with the demands of day-to-day data filing and accessibility.


Please remember you are buying a service not a price.  The lowest price with the worst service will costs you much more than you save.  Each practices needs are often a customized series of solutions designed to meet the needs of the individuals who work there.  Pricing should reflect the different approaches you utilize.  Make sure the solution and the pricing meet your needs.  You might want to find a provider that will give you a free test period to make sure you are happy with the work.  Orthopedic practices that set up macros and templates correctly can save a lot of money on transcription.

Voice Recognition Software

 Voice recognition medical transcription is gaining popularity in orthopedics, and some facilities are using them. Medical transcriptionists are employed for proofreading and editing.

Unlike employing human transcriptionists, voice recognition software can be customized to suit your orthopedic practice. It uses computer technology to recognize the voice and automatically convert to text. Since it does not need human intervention, companies consider it cost-effective and fast since it’s instantaneous. However, it also has limitations.

Medical Transcription vs Voice Recognition 
Medical transcription services have shown to outshine voice recognition based on the following:

  • A human transcriber can spot and reduce errors
  • When providers dictate using voice recognition software they have to dictate at much slower speeds.
  • Human transcribers add punctuation marks correctly based on context
  • Provide realistic expected transcription results
  • No system training is required

DataMatrix Medical Services in Orthopedics

DataMatrix Medical is a leading medical transcription service provider that understands the challenges facing the industry. Our transcription services are unique based on the following:

Customized Transcription Services

Orthopedics transcription requires customized and reliable solutions to help lessen the burden of physicians working on documentation. The time can be used assisting patients to and outside work.

Managing Voluminous Documentation

Currently, the amount of documentation required for legal use, compensation and reimbursement is very high. You need a transcription provider who uses state of the art technology, and innovative document management systems that integrate with EHR without a hitch.

Experienced Competent Transcriptionists

A system is as  good as the competency of its users. With a cutting-edge system, you can’t afford to have inexperienced transcriptionists running. DataMatrix Medical provides you with a team of skilled transcriptionists. Moreover, 100% of the team we assign to your orthopedic practice will be trained professionals in orthopedic transcription.  They will have a familiarity with terms, formats, and EHR systems orthopedic practices use most.


Unlike other transcription providers, DataMatrix Medical offers to prove their worth. The free two-week trial allows you to see if the solution and price met you stringent requirements.  Our pricing is transparent and we show you where the costs are.  Our pricing also comes with accountability.  We guarantee you turnaround time as well as quality for your price.  We only bill for what we type.  You never pay for prepopulated templates or macros.

If you are looking for unique, reliable and efficient HIPAA Compliant Medical Transcriptions, contact us at DataMatrix Medical to review your orthopedic practice’s needs and build a solution that works for your practice.


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