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Orthopedic surgeons treat delicate conditions involving the musculoskeletal system. As such, there is a constant need for orthopedic medical transcription services to track critical patient data to facilitate treatment. Medical transcriptions aid orthopedic practitioners in maintaining accurate patient records. Given the growing number of patients seeking orthopedic healthcare, outsourcing HIPAA compliant medical transcription services can facilitate effective treatment.

The benefits of medical transcription services for orthopedic practices means excellence in patient care and a top-performing team.

Facilitates personalized orthopedic patient care

Most orthopedics will agree that affording every patient personalized care is difficult especially when you are handling multiple patients. Also, the orthopedics department is considered one of the busiest departments in many hospitals and the emergency cases reported on a daily basis can be overwhelming for staff to manage. The benefit of a medical transcription service is that it bridges this gap by enabling a much more efficient data handling solution. With accurate data available through medical transcription services, orthopedic practices can manage to offer personalized care for every patient.

Data Accessibility and Categorization

Data accessibility is a challenge facing orthopedic practices today. In some cases, patient reports are tough to find and compile. To decide on any treatment option, orthopedics need to act from the point of information. Such information is difficult to access if it is scantly recorded and stored in the hospital’s database. This facilitates faster decision making and subsequently effective patient treatment. Some orthopedic cases are life-threatening, and therefore time sensitive, so having reliable data can be the difference in such situations.

Data Accuracy

Data accuracy is vital in every orthopedic practice. For example, while dealing with spinal injuries, it is vital to have accurate records of the patient’s injury and treatment history. A miscalculation on spinal injuries can lead to whole body paralysis. Hiring HIPAA compliant medical transcription services facilitates successful treatment and discharge of such cases.


Orthopedic emergencies are time sensitive, and any delays could lead to loss of life. In most instances, delays in treatment are caused by inadequate or inaccurate patient data. Orthopedics can leverage the efficiency of medical transcription services to aid in faster treatment. A reliable medical transcription company can provide accurate data within a quick turnaround time, which is vital for most orthopedic cases. DataMatrix Medical can return accurate transcribed notes in less than 24 hours, which saves time for orthopedics to handle other cases.


Unlike popular misconceptions, outsourcing medical transcription saves you more money in the long run. It cuts on the costs involved in hiring a large team to perform administrative tasks at an orthopedic practice. Also, it saves on training costs that are incurred when training new staff members. However, medical transcription companies have the industry-specific knowledge, which places them in a prime position to gain accurate data. This also affords you some peace of mind knowing that you can rely on the data provided to you.
Optimized Data Entry into the EHR

Medical transcription service providers can optimize information to be available on various EHR platforms. Subsequently, they can easily share the data with their colleagues when they need a second opinion on a particular case.

Assured Confidentiality of Patient Data

One of the challenges orthopedic practices have had to cope with in the recent past is data confidentiality. Given the current malware attacks on various institutions, orthopedic practices find it difficult to maintain the required confidentiality levels. HIPAA compliant medical transcriptions guidelines stipulate the essence of patient data confidentiality. As such, medical transcription data is sent in a highly encrypted form, which maintains its integrity. Also, this maintains the accuracy and reliability of the transcribed data.

DataMatrix Medical Solutions for Orthopedic Practices

DataMatrix Medical is focused on offering reliable medical transcription solution for orthopedic practices. Here are some of the solutions we could offer to your orthopedic practice.

Reliable and Accurate Transcription Services

In a highly specialized niche such as orthopedics, you will need a company that has worked in the field before. At DataMatrix Medical, we are well versed in orthopedics terminology. This puts us in a prime position to accurately decode raw data and present it accurately.

Excellent Document Management

Document management can be a challenge if not handled correctly. When you hire a competent medical transcription service provider such as DataMatrix Medical, they can scan documents into patient charts; offer coding support, data entry support and a number of other document management services. This eases the enormous pressure on orthopedic practitioners enabling them to handle more patients.

Dedicated Medical Transcriptionists

Our transcriptionists are well-trained to understand the orthopedic terminology, which enables them to convey accurate data. Also, they can work with the most difficult styles and dictation speeds.

The DataMatrix Medical Experience

Over the last two decades, we have perfected the art of medical transcription for orthopedic practices. We have easily adapted to the prevailing technological advances over the years. Today, our transcription process is simple and tailor-made to meet your immediate orthopedic practice needs. Once the dictated notes are sent to us, the medical transcriptionist assigned to your practice works to ensure all of your notes are recorded in the medical chart, correctly. Later, the notes are passed through a quality assurance process and updated in your EHR in a record 24 hours.

Virtual Scribe Service for Your Orthopedic Practice

Our virtual scribe service will revolutionize your practice’s operations. Our scribes work remotely, but the user experience is so seamless that you will not notice the difference. It is just like having a physical assistant with you. Given the urgency of most orthopedic cases, this service saves you more time and enables you to attend to more patients.

HIPAA and Medical Transcriptions

HIPAA has set guidelines that facilitate competent medical transcription services. We abide by the set guidelines to guarantee patient’s data confidentiality. Our data security protocols are among the best in the industry, and you can be assured of your data security.

We are committed to quality service provision to our clients. Our EHR integration fits perfectly into your workflow and enables easier data accessibility. We would love to partner with your orthopedic practice today; contact us today for more information and a possible quote. Hire us today and see the difference a professional transcription company could make in your practice.

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