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The primary role of the medical industry is to provide quality healthcare services to patients and ideally, this should be their only concern on a day-to-day basis. However, for many practices, this is not the case due to a number of regulatory hurdles that must be managed. Therefore, the reality is for medical practices, that they can only deliver quality healthcare services efficiently with auxiliary support in accounting, management, and most importantly, medical transcription. It is impossible to downplay the role of the latter given the importance of accurate EHR records and HIPAA compliance.

This is nothing new or unfamiliar to those in the healthcare industry and leads many healthcare professionals asking, “What are my options? Do I hire an in-house transcriptionist or outsource to a third-party medical transcription service?” Medical practices have to choose to either hire an in-house transcriptionist, outsource it to a medical transcription company or a combination of the two.

Below are some pros and cons of hiring an in-house medical transcriptionist or outsourcing to a third-party medical transcription services company. Read on to find out which of the options will meet your medical practice’s needs.

Hiring an In-house Transcriptionist:

Advantages of Hiring an In-house Transcriptionist

There are three misconceptions many practices have when hiring an in-house transcriptionist.

Control and Convenience

Some people think that it’s easier to hire and train a medical transcriptionist to provide quality transcription work. Unless you are providing the training yourself with only the best professional modules, you will find a wide range of transcriptionists with a vast difference in the level of skill.  Additionally, the cost of a professional, in-house medical transcriptionist may not be the most affordable option long-term. Many practices believe they can maintain control best with a professional transcription operation in-house, but forget to factor in the cost of this perceived convenience. Moreover, with hiring a third-party medical transcription service comes a level of professional proofreading that most in-house transcriptionists simply cannot manage resulting in a skewed level of quality control. Furthermore, when an in-house medical transcriptionist takes time off of work, the medical practice will not have a plan to cover the duties during this time.  This backlog of transcription work can cause delays in billing and timeliness in seeing patients.


There are practices that are hesitant to outsource their transcription due to the possibility of data security being compromised when it is outsourced.  The reality of outsourcing medical transcription services to a professional medical transcription services company, like DataMatrix Medical, they are more than prepared to manage the level of security required.  In fact, the level of security measure taken is often higher than what occurs in the medical practice’s office. For example, many practices let their in-house medical transcriptionists take work home or log in outside of the secured practice network. Unless a medical practice has stringent security standards, it makes more sense to partner with a trusted third-party medical transcription service company to manage the headache of compliance.

Ease of Communication

Many practices believe that because the in-house transcription staff is on hand it’s easier to communicate with them on a day-to-day basis.  But with a professional transcription company, they have staff on hand ready and waiting to help.  The technology is such that a simple instant message or a phone call is easier in many cases than walking down the hall or to the other side of the building to have a conversation. When you work with a third-party medical transcription company the conversations are focused and efficient.  Many companies, like DataMatrix Medical, have the technology to provide the best workflow, giving the medical practice the ability to look at a screen and know what has been dictated and request stat work with the simple push of a button.  If you hire an in-house transcriptionist to work for you they are not bringing this efficient technology with them.

Outsourcing Transcription Services to A Medical Transcription Company

Advantages of Outsourcing Transcription Services


Having an external company handle your transcription services solves most of the limitations of hiring a full-time employee and much more. Here are some of them:

Value of Investment

External medical transcription providers have the experience you need for quality transcription services. As a result, your medical practice does not have to spend a dime on hiring and training. Besides, they get paid for the work done. That is, during low workload, you won’t have to pay a fixed fee as with the employee. Even better, their work is not affected by sick days and leave days.

Assured Quality

The quality of work that you can expect from an in-house employee is limited to their competence. Transcription service partners, on the other hand, have the personnel required to offer quality transcriptions continuously. One reason for this is that this is their fulltime job.

Timely Turnaround

Besides quality, outsourcing a transcription service also improve the rate at which work is done. Companies always assign a task to specific individuals who work hard to meet the deadline. In some cases, the work might be too much for the in-house personnel to handle within the particular time. Such never occurs with outsourced partners. They will always ensure that you get your reports in time.

Long-Term Assurance

The only thing a service provider worries about is the next project. If they can maintain you as one of their clients, the better for them. You can be certain that they will not leave you along the way to handle another customer. Instead, they will hire more hands to help out.

No Investments and Reduced Expenses

Hiring an in-house transcriptionist will require that you spend money on buying computers, data storage, and other necessary equipment. You will also have to upgrade these facilities time to time to keep up with technological changes. You transfer these expenses to the transcription company when you outsource.

Time to Focus on What Matters

Another reason why most medical practices opt to outsource for the services is that it frees them from another managerial task. This gives them time to focus on what matters most, provision of health care.

In Summary

There are medical practices who are hesitant to invest in a partnership with a third-party medical transcription solution.  Understandably so, there many misconceptions about outsourcing transcription work. In reality, a medical practice has a better outcome and increase the quality of patient care when they partner with the right third-party medical transcription services company.

Contact DataMatrix Medical today to begin a fruitful partnership. We are experienced in the medical practice health records, are HIPAA compliant and quality oriented. Contact us today for more information.

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