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There’s a tendency to think of doctors only in the context of hospitals and clinics—but actually, there is a long history of medical practitioners who travel, make house calls, and care for patients even while “on the go.” Think back to TV icons, the horse and buggy borne physicians on Little House on the Prairie or Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman. Or, think of the actual physicians who travel into private residences even today, treating those who are house bound or who are confined to nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The traveling doctor hasn’t been lost to history. These physicians continue to serve patients even today.

As you might imagine, this sort of practice brings its own unique set of challenges. After all, healthcare itself has become quite complicated. Doctors need easy access to online information about regulations, both state and federal, before they can administer care. They must be meticulous in documenting everything they do and in providing the right information to insurance companies. And, ideally, they should be able to access patient EHR data as needed. All of this is fairly easy to do in an office setting, but for the on-the-go physician, it’s considerably tougher.

Thankfully, there are solutions available, even to doctors who spend a lot of their time on the road. DataMatrix Medical understands the specific hurdles that these doctors must clear, and we’re proud to provide a robust set of solutions for on-the-go-physicians.

Dictation Services

Something that most physicians struggle with is finding the hours in the day to do their charting. Dictating notes can sometimes take several hours, but with DataMatrix Medical, it’s incredibly easy and convenient.

And, for doctors on the go, it’s accessible via an app. Available on both Android and iOS devices, the DataMatrix Medical dictation app allows doctors to quickly log their notes via voice recording, or they can simply call us to register their latest dictations.

For doctors whose actual office time is limited, this can be a lifesaver, a convenient way to get your dictations done anytime and anywhere, without it eating into too much of your time. And it’s available to any doctor who carries a mobile device.

Medical Transcription

DataMatrix is also pleased to provide full medical transcription services. Here’s how it works. For each provider in your practice, we assign a full team of medical transcription specialist. They’ll not only become intimately familiar with your style, but they will also be chosen to correspond with your area of medical specialty.

Medical Transcription specialist

And these medical transcription specialist do more than just transcribe notes. They are well-trained to understand medical technology and to cite any errors they see, allowing for easy revision and the total assurance of quality control.

Our medical transcription specialist are able to work with even the most challenging of dictation styles and speeds. But how exactly does this help the on-the-go doctor? Once more, it frees huge blocks of time, time you’d normally have to spend dictating, transcribing, and correcting errors. This allows you to use your time in the office more effectively and to focus more on providing quality patient care.

Document Management Services

Finally, we provide our clients with a full complement of document management services. Once we assign a team to you or to one of the providers in your practice, we make sure they are trained to work with the documents your EHR requires. We totally customize our transcription templates to meet your documentation requirements, which in turn reduces the cost of transcription.

What’s more, our medical transcription app can sync with your EHR system. This makes it easy for doctors to see which patients are on their schedule and which notes have been dictated for those patients. It’s easy to see the implication for on-the-go doctors. They have a wealth of information, updated in real-time, and always available via their mobile device.

And there are a number of additional document management services we can offer, as well. A partial list includes:

  • Scanning documents into patient charts
  • Entering the data from handwritten intake forms into patient charts
  • Providing full coding support
  • Entering superbill data
  • Assisting with all billing and faxing needs
  • Helping with other back-office clerical tasks

All of this is available to doctors on the go, coupled with our medical transcription specialist standards of speed and accuracy. This allows you to rest assured that your transcription and data entry needs are taken care of, freeing you to devote more time to caring for patients or growing your practice.

Help for Doctors on the Go

Traveling physicians face a number of challenges. However, thanks to DataMatrix Medical, there are some app-accessible solutions that can help you manage your time better and run your practice more efficiently. We invite you to reach out to DataMatrix Medical today and ask about the app-based solutions we provide. Contact DataMatrix Medical for on-the-go medical solutions today!

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